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 Jellyfish JR

Jellyfish JR

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Fabulous shine! Fabulous fun for small to medium size parrots! Check out the Lorikeet image from a customer in Australia.
This toy has major movement & lends itself to all those crazy acrobatics that busy birds love. Ideal toy choice for those raucous, crazy Caiques!
The lower section spins independently, enticing birds to play. It wiggles, wobbles and moves freely.
A small stainless steel bowl is the "body" of the jellyfish, at the top.
The "tentacles" are dangling from the spinning piece at the bottom. Lots of small and large shiny dots that
create pleasant, irresistible rattle sounds.
Terrific sound effects and loads of gorgeous sparkling shine, add up to an interesting toy for active birds.
As with all Avian Stainless parrot toys, Jellyfish JR is fully welded to assure Safe Play.
Measures 9.5" long.

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