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5 of Diamonds

5 of Diamonds

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Original, totally UNIQUE toy - built for the biggest birds!
Jumbo sized, the 5 of Diamonds is perfect for Hyacinth macaws.
The 3 sections of square stainless steel pipes spin freely, creating the chaos that parrots love!
*NOTE: Photo shows toy made with a center rod. Image will be updated soon.
We now use heavy stainless steel chain to assemble this toy; resulting in a toy with far more movement and less rigidity.

Dazzling heavy duty handmade stainless steel diamonds dangle and rotate from the 2 top sections.
A jumbo sized 5th diamond spins at the bottom.
All the brilliant, shiny diamonds are cut and polished in our shop. Handcrafted to assure no sharp edges.
On the 3rd, lowest bar, gorgeous hammered stainless steel bell cups wiggle & rattle, complete with noise-maker
clappers. Clappers are, of course, fully welded rendering them non-removable.
Spinning sections are assembled on extra thick stainless steel chain, then covered with hand cut stainless pipes.
We use only our custom-made heavy-duty connecting rings; this assures a lifetime of safe play for all large parrots.
Measures a whopping 15.5" long x 8" wide.

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