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All Screwed Up

All Screwed Up

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Mechanically inclined parrots such as Blue Throat macaws? This toy's for you!
Hyacinth macaws?
Black Palms, Green Wings, Buffon's & all other large parrots - All Screwed Up is a LIFETIME INDESTRUCTIBLE toy!
Lots of images, please check them out!

Big, beautiful stainless steel cube base toy is hand made in our shop.
No sharp edges, no mystery metals - highly polished to create a brilliant shine.
All Screwed Up features solid stainless steel threaded bars loaded with stainless steel
wing nuts.
Parrots can screw and unscrew the various nuts to their hearts content!
But the parts can never be removed & will never fall off.
On the support hanging rod, there's a few large stainless steel washers and heavy duty beads that birds can lift up and let them drop.
These moveable parts create pleasant sound effects.
Inside the beautiful stainless steel cube, there are rattling parts added, to create additional sound effects!

The ends of each steel rod have a heavy duty stainless steel nut welded permanently so the toy stays intact forever.
The end welded nuts also serve as 4 places to attach bird-safe rope, making this toy a deluxe refillable toy base.
Tie sisal, hemp rope, or leather strips filled with wood blocks or slices, or natural toy parts to the 4 end nuts & watch the action.
It's also easy to attach stainless steel skewers as well. Change the look of the toy as often as you like.
With 4 ends to accommodate various bird safe ropes or stainless steel skewers, this makes All Screwed Up a very functional toy.

Premium quality parrot toy is guaranteed to keep big beaks engaged in an activity that challenges them.
Any parrot that enjoys mechanical type bird toys will love All Screwed Up!
This toy will provide your large parrots with a lifetime of activity and stimulation.
Proudly handmade made in Canada. Like all Avian Stainless products, All Screwed Up is safety inspected.
Measures 9" x 9". The cube base is 2" x 2" square.

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