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All Squared Away

All Squared Away

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Wiggly, wobbly, spinning super fun, super shiny parrot toy!
Three skinny stainless steel pipes - cut, drilled and hand polished meticulously in our shop - form the base.
All 3 square pipes spin independently of each other and wobble crazily, creating the motion and rattle sounds that birds love.
Big shiny stainless steel squares with thick rings finish off the chains ends.
All stainless steel chains are just long enough to tug back & forth.
Parrots can climb all over All Squared Away; designed for all birds up to and including Blue & Gold Macaws.
Ideal choice for mini macaws, large or small conures, African Greys, amazons, Eclectus, Ringnecks and many more.
Measures 10" long x 6" across.

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