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Deluxe Diamond Spinner

Deluxe Diamond Spinner

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UNIQUE ORIGINAL Avian Stainless dazzling diamond toy - specially designed for safe play for all medium to large parrots - YES! even Hyacinth macaws!
A stunning hammered stainless steel bowl is the base; with 4 hand cut diamonds dangling from bars of stainless steel; NO CHAINS!
Hand cut & polished stainless steel pipes cover all the extra thick chains, on the top and underneath at bottom.
A jumbo size sparkling, thick diamond hangs from the bottom pipe. The polishing technique creates an etched surface that's simply brilliant.
O-rings are custom made exclusively for us - extra thick, Hyacinth proof!
Beautifully hand crafted lifetime toy.
Measures 12" long  x 6.5" wide.

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