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Deluxe Topsy Turvy

Deluxe Topsy Turvy

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Part Number:196
Unique all stainless steel toy! An Avian Stainless original.
Deluxe Topsy Turvy has a very special feature - only ONE LENGTH of CHAIN and it's totally HIDDEN by stainless steel pipes!
Hand-crafted flat bars dangle from both sections. Top dangling parts are just long enough to rattle against the bottom piece.
On the bottom section; the flat bars are longer.
All the flat bars are polished and all edges are smooth & safe.
*A great toy choice for those who prefer no exposed chain.
Fun, functional spinning toy with loads of fabulous sound effects!
This gorgeous large toy is best suited for parrots up to and including Blue & Gold macaws and all similar sized birds.
Measures 16" long.
*NOT INTENDED for Hyacinths or the largest Cockatoos.

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