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Diamond in the Raw

Diamond in the Raw

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Due to the time required to make this toy base, please allow 2 weeks for processing. Thank you!

**Browse all photos to see full detail of the time, care, attention to detail and the quality of our work. No sharp edges, even the drilled holes are smooth for safety. Proudly made in Canada, by hand.

Unique, shiny, gorgeous stainless steel parrot toy base! Built to last forever.
Stainless steel is hand cut and hand drilled in our shop.
Every surface is then meticulously polished; resulting in a gleaming, shiny surface.
After welding, Diamond in the Raw is once again polished to perfection!
There are multiple holes ( a total of 8) that will fit 1.6mm chain, leather strips, sisal, hemp or cotton rope.
Please be sure to use bird-safe rope products from reputable sources.

At the top, we've started off the fun for you!
Made by hand, a gleaming diamond shaped stainless steel dangling piece creates nice rattle sounds.
O-rings are welded, of course.

Diamond in the Raw toy base allows you to can create a new toy anytime.
There are endless toy possibilities; and limitless opportunities to provide stimulation and safe play for your parrots.
The only limits are your imagination!

Please offer to medium sized parrots such as amazons, eclectus, African Greys, Cape parrots, King parrots, smaller macaws and cockatoo's.
BEST SUITED for parrots UP TO the size of Blue and Gold, Scarlet, Red Front or Blue Throat macaws.
NOT intended for Hyacinths of large Cockatoos.
*We use heavy 2mm thick stainless steel chain, and our custom-made extra large o-rings.
Measures 14.5" long from top hanging ring to bottom of the diamond.
Measures 6" wide.

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