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Dish it Up

Dish it Up

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Dish it Up swing style toy is multi-functional ~
*Use it to 'serve up' an array of foot toys.
*Add dry treats (nuts, pellets) to the tray.
*Heap the dish with natural shredding toy parts.
*Offer bird-safe wooden blocks or slices.
*Endless ways to use your Dish it Up!

It's a swing - but it's also a handy spot for your parrot to stop for a quick snack or to grab a foot toy.
A beautiful shiny stainless steel dish, supported by 3 lengths of stainless steel chain covered
in stainless steel beads and bright acrylic beads and steel rods.
A great addition to any cage or aviary!
*Please hang where there's ample room for this toy to swing freely.
Fully welded for Safe Play.
Measures  10" long x 6" wide

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