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Just Wingin' It

Just Wingin' It

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Just Wingin' It is for the busiest of birds!
Six spokes are filled with stainless steel wing nuts and nuts; all of which slide easily back and forth across each spoke.
Main threaded rod is filled with larger stainless steel nuts and wing nuts that can be screwed up and down
the length of the rod. This offers enrichment and keeps parrots active & stimulated.
Note that all 6 spokes are carefully finished with nuts to hang toy parts. 
Fill your Just Wingin' It with thick leather strips, hemp rope or stainless steel chains loaded with bird-safe wood or other
Add 6 of your own stainless steel skewers and create a "new toy" as often as you change and refill wood and/or parts.
Please look through the product image gallery. Check out the Green Wing macaw in North Carolina - busy with his Just Wingin' It!
**We do NOT make or sell skewers. We respect the fact that high quality skewers are already being made by a US company.
This is a beautiful lifetime enrichment toy; created for all medium to large parrot species.
Measures 8.5" wide x 6" tall

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