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Mini Pandemonium

Mini Pandemonium

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This fun, flashy toy is a scaled down version of our popular large Pandemonium toy. The original, bigger Pandemonium was designed for medium sized parrots.
Our Mini Pandemonium offers terrific sound effects, with the 3 small bells.
Non-removable clappers are welded inside each bell. We use our smaller sized shiny dots as the clappers.
This forever enrichment toy is assembled on a hand cut, hand drilled section of stainless steel flat bar.
Polished to a dazzling shine, the toy base features no sharp edges - we are committed to Safe Play!
Extra time is taken to smooth all corners & edges of the stainless steel bar.
This cute little toy is ideal for birds such as: cockatiels, budgies, conures, mini macaws, Quakers and many other smaller parrot species!
Measures 4.5" across and 3" in length.

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