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Shake it Up

Shake it Up

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Welded foot toy!  Designed for medium parrots : amazons, African Greys, Electus, larger of the Mini Macaw species, Goffins cockatoos -  up to Blue and Gold macaws.

*May not be suitable for Hyacinth macaws or the largest Cockatoos. Please offer only to species as outlined above.

Sized perfectly for medium to large birds, Shake it Up is a great choice for destructive parrots – it can’t be taken apart or destroyed if selected for any of the parrot species listed above. Rattling fun, with big shiny dots and super shiny steel rings at both ends.  Stainless steel beads add texture exploration! Assembled on stainless steel rod.

Shake it Up is also perfect as an introduction to foot toys for large species of baby parrots.

Measures 5″ long

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