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Skewer Bits 'n Pieces

Smart parrots love skewers!
Plain and simple straight skewers, curvy skewers, long or short; bird-safe stainless steel skewers are fabulous for creating your own unique new toy anytime.

Avian Stainless does not make or sell skewers.
We feel there are ample choices for stainless steel skewers available from reputable parrot supply stores.
Instead, we offer an assortment of skewer fillers. All WELDED and stainless steel of course!

Use our skewer fillers on an Avian Stainless Fill 'n Spin toy base. When our stainless steel base is combined with 4 short straight skewers, adding several skewer fillers is a convenient option!
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Double Dangle Bits
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Dangle Bits
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