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We welcome your feedback! Below is a selection of unsolicited comments from our customers:

I am very impressed with the superior quality and excellent finish of your handmade stainless steel parrot toys. For the first time ever, I have found toys that my Greenwings cannot destroy. They really love their 'Dare To Be Square' bells and 'Fill 'n Spins' , so much so, that I have already ordered 2 more of each, as well as foot toys from the 'Frisky Feet' section, and more items to follow, knowing that they too, will indeed last a lifetime.
Lisa S. Queensland, Australia

*My friend sent me a link to Avian Stainless as I was commenting that you can't get good strong toys for Macaws anywhere.
When I saw the great range and type of toys that are on offer I ordered straight away. I must say that when my bird toys arrived I was far from disappointed; they are fantastic quality and were extremely well received by my B&G Macaw & African Grey. They just love these toys. I will be certainly buying more toys from Avian Stainless in the near future, thank you for your great products & wonderful customer service.
Anne NSW Australia

Avian Stainless~ your toys are WONDERFUL. From my parrotlet to the largest parrot of them all - you have the best toys ever. The work and craftsmanship that go into your toys is the best and they hold up to the strongest of beaks. Best investment EVER! Built to last. Thank you so much! 
Cheryl K, Indiana

*I have been a customer at Avian Stainless since they opened. Currently, I have 52 Avian Stainless toys and if that's not testament enough to the high quality, safety, and craftsmanship of these toys then I don't know what is! They're simply superb and have customer service to match. More often than not I ask for small modifications to toys and Doris is always more than happy to accommodate. My birds and I are very appreciative of this exceptional customer service and will continue to shop at Avian Stainless so long as their doors are open! Thank you, Doris and Vic!
 Andrea H. Vancouver, Canada

Avian Stainless toys are something incredibly special. Each and every toy is so obviously created and hand crafted with love and I swear the birds know! Toy after toy each one is a new favorite. I've never met a bird who didn't instantly fall in love these toys, and I've never met a bird owner who didn't appreciate their durability. They are truly a one of a kind, high quality, parrot pleasing, forever toy! Beyond that, Avian Stainless truly cares about their customers. I can always count on excellent toy recommendations, custom designs and support. They get as excited as I do to see my birds happy and busy! Doesn't get better than that.
 K. Lane, Arizona

My birds love their Avian Stainless toys,they were an instant hit. I love how colorful the toys are and the nice sounds they make. Their customer service is the best I ever encountered. 
S. Jansen, Netherlands.

I love Avian Stainless toys because they are sturdy, very well designed, last a lifetime, & are very safe! I have ALWAYS gotten great customer service. But most of all I love avian stainless toys because my birds love them & it makes them happy! Thank you so much for providing such great toys that bring happiness! 
Romie, Illinois