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Tilt & Twirl JR

Tilt & Twirl JR

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A scaled-down version of our wildly popular Tilt & Twirl Mayhem toy!
*The LARGE version is located here. >> >TILT & TWIRL MAYHEM

This smaller version boasts amazing sound effects and tons of spinning, twirling action.
Captivating shine, enticing fun for a wide variety of parrot species.
Large and small shiny dots along with dazzling, heavy duty stainless steel beads and super shiny steel rings provide extra rattling sounds and brilliant shine.
4 stainless steel flat bars spin freely on round rod. Each flat bar is hand polished meticulously, producing a dazzling shine.
This toy will last a lifetime.
Remember to rotate stainless steel toys: remove from the cage or play area for a month or so.
Add the stainless toy back in and voila ~ it's like a brand new toy time after time!
We suggest offering Tilt & Twirl JR to larger Conures, Caiques, Quakers, Ringnecks, Alexandrines, Amazons, Senegals, African Greys, Eclectus and King parrots, Severe and Red Front macaws and many other small to mid-size parrot species.
Measures 7" long x 3.5" wide.

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