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Limited Edition ~ ONLY A FEW AVAILABLE!
Unique spinning activity toy with moveable bottom section!
Assembled on stainless steel rod, Whirlwind is designed to provide life-enriching activity for medium sized parrots.
The entire round bottom section can be maneuvered to lift it up the rod.
*Please see images, showing how the bottom portion slides up the rod.
Fun clamor & great rattle sounds reward the birds' efforts as the round section slides back down the rod.
Created to present a challenge for determined, busy parrots, Whirlwind is a lifetime stainless steel toy.
The round bottom piece is adorned with big shiny dots and thick stainless steel rings.
Ideal for amazons, African Greys, Eclectus, smaller species of macaws and cockatoos, King parrots, Cape parrots, Caiques, larger Conures and similar size birds.
Measures 7.5" long.

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